Creative Ruts

Creative ruts. We all have them. It’s only natural and we all deal with them all the time. Sometimes it feels crippling but it’s important to not get down on yourself and to drop whatever it is you’re doing and go find something that’s fulfilling and distracting for the time being. It’ll come back! For me, I just have to set down the camera and revisit some old content periodically and it call comes flowing back soon enough. It’s insanely hard on your mind but it’s so important to keep your chin up and to remind yourself that your creative mind will be back! I just recently had a bad one this past week and I had some late nights simply tinkering with old content that I was super unhappy with and it simply helped me hone in on some of the things I was doing wrong in the past. I took that and found motivation on what i’ll be focusing on in my next few shoots this weekend!
keep up the confidence in your work and in yourself!