Go West, Young Man (Update 1)

Writing to ya'll from the beautiful city of Los Angeles today! I moved into an apartment in Westwood with my brother just this Friday and we are still toughing it out. No internet, cookware, or pillows... just a few clothes and mattresses on the floor (and of course a camera). It's nerve-wracking but unbelievably exciting to start this new chapter in life with such uncertainty. It's been truly humbling, to say the least. 

After my first few days here, I've already made some amazing friends and generated some very exciting opportunities to keep shooting. Although almost every inch of this town has been shot, there is still so much room for more ideas and stories to be told. If any of you know me, at least properly, you know that I love to shoot because I want to capture and save the moment like a relic.

Signing out. I'll keep ya'll posted. Let's hope I survive haha!