TIPS: Wrist Straps

Don't you hate having a bulky neck strap attached to your camera, especially when you're taking it off your neck to shoot? I did, but I didn't abandon the perceived security my Canon strap originally provided me... until a disaster happened. My 5DS took a nasty tumble onto concrete when light painting in the dark with the camera on a tripod and my jacket got snagged on the neck strap as I ran from the camera... RIP 35mm 1.4L... I wanted a solution where I could have security whenever I was holding the camera while quickly being able to remove whatever I had hanging from the camera on a tripod when in the studio or in the field. I looked around and tried a few straps but wasn't happy with any of the products I tried as most didn't fit properly or they didn't allow me to dangle my camera from my wrist in a secure fashion. I then saw a few photographers using some sort of strap made out of a cobra-weaved paracord which I was familiar with as a kid. I looked into it further and it was the perfect solution. It was extremely minimalist, I could custom fit it perfectly, and it could safely support the weight of my camera dangling from my wrist while using my hands elsewhere. A quick search on Google and a trip to Home Depot, and I was good to go with just about $10 less in my pocket. As we all know, the chain is as strong as its weakest link, and my hardware supports up to 30lbs, so I'm very confident in it! I urge you to look into making one of these for your DSLR(s) and give it a try! 

Here I used a 35lb rated quick-release clip, two 30lb rated key rings, and 550lb reflective paracord. The cobra-weave I made allows me to use the bracelet in a slip-knot fashion to secure properly to my wrist, while on the other end I've got the quick release clip which can be clipped onto my key rings attached to the base of my RRS L-Bracket. Voila!